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An Apeal to My Heart

In thefollowing text Shri Vallabhacharya consoles his own heart. Shri Krishna has requested him to leave this world and return to Him, but the bhakti master decides to delay his divine return in order to fulfill his earthly devotional mission and complete the Shri Subodhini. In this appeal to his own heart, the master brilliantly reflects on his relationship with Lord Krishna.

Antahkarana madvaakyam saavadhaanatayaa shrnu
Krishnatparam naasti aivam vastuto dosavarjitam || 1 ||

O heart, listen carefully to my words! Besides Shri Krishna there is no flawlessdeva.

Caandaali cedraajapatni jaataa raajnaa cha maanitaa
Kadaacidapamaanepi mulaatah kaa ksatirbhavet || 2 ||

If a low caste Chandal woman happens to become a queen and is honored by her king and then at some point he becomes displeased with her, she is still far better off than when she was a Chandal.

Samarpanaadahnam purvamuttumah Kim sadaa sthitah
Kaa mamaadhamataa bhaavyaa pashcaataapo yato bhavet || 3 ||

Was I always exalted before I dedicated myself to You? Now after my dedication, have I become so fallen that I should repent? Of course not!

Satyasankalpato vishnurnaanyathaa tu karishyati
Ajnaiva kaaryaa satatam svaamiroho nyathaa bhavet || 4 ||

I know that whatever the Blessed Lord promises always comes to be. He never acts contrary to His promise. His command should always be followed, otherwise one becomes guilty of transgressing the Master of all things.

Sevakasya tu dharmoyam svaami svasya karishyati
Ajna purvam tu yaa jaataa gangaasaagarasamgame || 5 ||

This is the duty of the follower. Know that the Blessed Lord Himself will accomplish whatever else needs to be done. I did not follow my Lord’s command to leave my body at the Ganga Sagar, where the river meets the sea.

Yaapi pashcaanmadhuvane Na krtam taddvayam mayaa
Dehadesha parityaagastrtiyo lokagocarah || 6 ||

Nor did I obey His second command at Madhuvan near Mathura, to leave the place and return to Him. His third request for me to renounce this visible world I will surely oblige.

Pashcattaapah katham tatra sevakoham Na caanyathaa
Laukikaprabhuvatkrishno Na drastavyah kadaacana || 7 ||

Why should I lament now? I am His follower and nothing else. Krishna should never be seen as a worldly being.

Sarvam samarpitam bhaktyaa krtaarthosi sukhi bhava
Praudhaapi duhitaa yadvat snehaanna presyate vare || 8 ||

O heart, you have already dedicated everything to Him with devotion. You have accomplished your goal, so be content. If a father does not send his married daughter to her husband because of his excessive affection for her, he displeases her husband.

Tathaa dehe Na kartavyam varastusyati naanyathaa
Lokavaccet sthitirme syaatkim syaaditi vicaaraya || 9||

Similarly, my husband, Shri Krishna, will not be pleased with me if I do not follow my bodily duty and return to Him. I should consider my divine situation in terms of the ways of the world; that a bride should go to her husband and no where else. If I don’t act accordingly with Shri Krishna, tell me, where will I stand?

Ashakye harirevaasti moham ma gaah kathamcana
Iti shrikrishnadaasasya vallabhasya hitam vacah || 10 ||

Let there be no confusion here. In the impossible, Hari alone is capable. In this way, I, Shri Krishna’s beloved follower, have given my heart some good guidance.

Cittam prati yadaakarnya bhakto nishcintataam vrajet || 11 ||

If a bhakta listens to these words, she will become free from all concerns.

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