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Shri Brahma, Rudra etc all Gods bow to shreenathji, and Shreenathji’s charankamal also fulfills all Bhakta’s Manorath’s (wishes). Shreenathji’s both feet has total 16 symbols / signs.

Shreenathji’s Right foot has 9 signs they are:- Shreenathji’s left foot has 7 signs they are:-


Gosh Pad










Ardh Chandra







Vam ( Left ) Charan.

1) Matsya ( Fish ) : Human Mind wavery ,by doing darshan of Matsya. Located below the lotus feet of lord . one gets stability and one becomes soft or tender hearted and keen eyed and it is believed that the lord lives there.

2) Trikon ( Tri angle) : This symbol is seen on Thakurji’s Charnarvind signifying upliftment of all three types of Bhaktas 1) Satvik 2) Rajas 3) Tamas.

3) Kalash : The Kalash symbolizes Mangal event . It is auspicious and lucky. The Darshan Of Kalash makes ones life auspicious.

4) Dhanush ( Bow) : By its Darshan once ego is broken ,one

conquers its enemies. The Enemies are Lust, Anger and Grid.

.( kam , Krodh and Moh ). These are destroyed by doing darshan of dhanush below lotus feet.

5) Askash ( Sky ) : Doing Darshan of this symbol one is born in higher cast n fully devoted to the lord.

6) Ardh Chandra ( half moon ) : All types of auspicious wishesh are fulfilled by the darshan of sign. Lord sanker always wears it over his head.

7) Cows Khur (shoe) : By its Darshan one gets fruits of darshan of all sacred places ( tirths) .

Dakshin ( Right ) Charan :

1) Dhwaja ( Flag) : With Darshan of this sign one becomes soft hearted. By visualizing the swaroop of Lord. He come alive and relates his bhaktas on personal level.

2) Ankush : With Darshan of Symbol one has the ability to conquer his mind . The mind like an elephant is wavering and never stays stable.

3) Lotus (kamal ) : With its darshan anxiety of bhakta’s mind reduce.

4) Vajra : Darshan of this symbol purifies heart and has the power to demolished the ill feelings in ones mind / heart.

5) Jambufal : One gets good fruits(alloukik) by doing darshan of this sign.

6) Jav ( Barley ) : One gets popularity with its darshan.

7 ) Swastik : It symbolizes contentment and happiness.

8 ) Ashtkon : Its symbolizes that one gets prosperity and his /her is popular in all eight direction.

9 ) Urdhva Rekha : One keeps moving away in life with its darshan.
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