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Shri Vallabhacharya taught this short teaching to Rana Vyasa and Bhagavandas Sanchora. Each line of the text gives us a grace-filled interpretation of the four pursuits of life: dharma, wealth, desire and liberation. His worship is our dharma and our wealth is Krishna Himself. Our desires are fulfilled when He lives in the heart and to always serve and remember him is liberation. In the Master’s words…

Sarvadaa sarvabhaavena bhajaiyo vrajaadhipah
Svsyaayameva dharmohi naanyak kvaapi kadaacana || 1 ||

The Lord of Vraja is always worthy of worship with every bhava. That is your only dharma. There is never another one anywhere.

Evam sadaa sma Kartavyam svayameva karishyati
Prabhuh sarvasamartho hi tato niishcintataam vrajet || 2 ||

This is always your duty and Shri Krishna Himself will do the rest, for He is all-powerful. Therefore go and live without concern.

Yadi shrigokulaadhiso drtah sarvaatmanaa hrdi
Tatah kimprarm bruhi laukikairvaidikairapi || 3 ||

If the Lord of Gokul, Shri Krishna, fills your heart with total love, then nothing promised in the world or in the Vedas can exceed that.

Atah sarvaatmanaa shashvadgokuleshvar paadayoh
Smaranam bhajanam caapi na tyaajyamiti me matih || 4 ||

And so always maintain this state of total love for Krishna. Serve and remember His lotus feet. My belief is that this view should never be foresaken.

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