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This last teaching of the sixteen works, was given to Vishnudas in 1526 A.D. Since he had difficulty in understanding the instructions given in this text, Shri Vallabhacharya composed his own commentary that has also been absorbed into this translation. The Master speaks of both three-fold rewards and hindrances in seva. Anxiety in all circumstances should be abandoned because the giving of the divine reward is in God’s hands.

yadrsi Sevana prokta tatsiddhau phalamucyate
alaukikasya dane hi cadyah sidhyenmanorathah

I have explained before that seva arises when the mind is threaded into the blessed practice. Now I will explain the rewards of seva when it is perfectly performed. From the moment that the Blessed Lord gives a divine gift, the bhakta’s spiritual desires are fulfilled.

phalam va hyadhikaro va na kalo tra niyamakah
udvegah pratibandho va bhogo va syattu badhakam

Time is never a controlling factor regarding eligibility and the three rewards of seva. These rewards are the capacity to experience transcendent love, to be absorbed into God’s lila and to attain a spiritual form that is useful in eternal realms.

Anxiety, obstructions, and worldly enjoyment are the three things that hinder seva.

akartavyam bhagavatah sarvatha ced gatirnahi
yatha va tattvanirdharo vivekah sadhanam matam

If the Blessed Lord does not desire to give a reward in any way, then there is simply no solution. Then the practitioner’s approach is to wisely access the truth of the situation.

badhakanam pariytyago bhogepyekam tatha param
nispratyuham mahan bhogah prathame visate sada

Worldly enjoyment and the other hindrances I mentioned should be fully abandoned. There is also a Divine Enjoyment. It is free from every impediment and is the Krishna reward. Both God-created hindrances and divine rewards are always beyond the bhakta’s control.

savighno lpo ghatakah syad baladetau sada matau
dvitiye sarvatha cinta tyajya samsaraniscayat

Worldly enjoyment is insignificant and destructive. These two aspects of worldly enjoyment are always to be considered powerful. One should also renounce anxiety concerning a God-created obstruction. It should be seen as just a movement within mundane reality.

natvadye datrta nasti tritiye badhakam graham
avasyeyam sada bhavya sarvamanyanmanobrahramah

If anxiety arises (the first hindrance), then it should be understood that the Blessed Lord is simply not ready to give a reward at that time. In the third hindrance, worldly enjoyment, the mundane home is the obstacle. Always consider these hindrances to be beyond the bhakta’s jurisdiction. Any other thought on the subject is mere confusion.

tadiyairapi tat karyam pustau naiva vilambayet
gunaksobhe pi drstavyametadeveti me matih

Those bhaktas who belong to Him should consider these teachings concerning rewards and hindrances and know that Krishna does not delay His grace. My opinion here is that even if the mind becomes unstable due to the forces of material natures, the truths that I have established in this teaching should be grasped.

kusrstiratra va kacidutpadyeta sa vai bhramah

Any distortion that might arise here is a mere delusion.

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