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Bhadrapada Krishna 1; V.S.1919 – Ashvina Shukla 2; V.S. 1990


Being the son of Sri Giridhaariji, Sri Govardhanalalaji inherited all the qualities from his father. He was appointed Tilkayata in the presence of his father.

An intellect with high wisdom, he posessed a magnanimous personality. He was highly revered in the field of religion . He extensively toured India to propagate the principles of Shuddhadvaita Pushtimaga. His audience would go spellbound on hearing him speak. His meaningful discourses in Varanasi won him honours from the pundits and scholars .

During his tenure, Nathdvara became the centre for education. He established educational institutions like Sri Govardhana Sanskrita Pathshala and Sri Govardhana High School.

Sri Govardhanalalaji also transformed Nathdvara into a famous tourist spot. He developed many gardens in and around Nathdvara to enhance the beauty of the place, the most famous of them being the Kachhwai Baga .

He also constructed ponds for the benefit of the people of Nathdvara.
In general, he made immense contributions for Nathdvara and its people.

Besides this Sri Govardhanalalaji always patronized art music and literature.Many religious books were published by him. His court was always decked with great scholars, artists and musicians. Art and music were at its peak in his time. ‘Pichhwai’s ’ on various subjects were painted on his instructions.

Sri Govardhanalalaji did exquisite manoratha’s of Sri Nathaji and Sri Navanitapriyaji. He did the ‘Four Svaroopa Utsava ’ and offerred Chhappana Bhoga.

His was undoubtedly the golden era of Pushtimarga in Nathdvara. We the people of Pushtimarga will always be indebted to him.
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