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Margashirsha Krishna 7; V.S. 1984 - Magha Krishna 4; V.S. 2051

Craving to play in the loving arms of his parents and elders, a young lad of six, Sri Govindalalaji, must have not even thought that he will have to bear enormous responsibilities of the sampradaya at such a tender age.He lost his grandfather at four, and his parents at six. At six years of age, he became the youngest Tilkayata in the history , to serve Sri Nathaji.

Sri Govindalalaji was happily married to A.S. Sri Vijaya Laxmi Bahuji in the year V.S. 2002. He was blessed with two sons, Sri Dauji – lll ( Sri Rajivji ; V.S.2005) and Sri Indradamanaji ( Sri Rakeshji ; V.S. 2006) and a daughter Sri Nira Betiji.

Sri Govindalalaji did numerous manoratha’s to please Sri Nathaji. On his birthday, in the year V.S. 1998, he gifted a Bangla of gold to Sri Nathaji.In an endless list of manoratha’s the most remeberd ones are :
  • The ‘Sapta Svaroopa Utsava ’ in the Lala Baga Palace,
  • Inviting Lord Sri Balakrishnalalaji from Surat (Gujarat) to Nathdvara and
  • Inviting Sri Navanitapriyaji, Sri Vitthalanathaji, Sri Dvarikadhishaji and Sri Balakrishnalalaji to have Annakoota with Sri Nathaji.

The most important achievement of his lifewas to retain the rights of performing the seva of Sri Nahaji after a hard fought court battle with the government. This brave effort of his will always be remembered by generations to come.

A very kind hearted, noble, generous, virtuous, earnest person, wearing a gentle smile , Sri Govindalalaji became one the most revered Tilkayata of all times.
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