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(Bhadrapada Krishna 8)


Shri Krihna’s appearance (generally occurring in August) is one of the most important festivals of the year. On this day the Blessed Lord is bathed with milk, ghee, curds, honey and powdered sugar and adorned in saffron-colored garments that show the great affection Shri Krishna and Shri Svamini share for each other. The ornaments are largely red in color, a hue that increases the excitement of the amorous mood. Shri Krishna’s necklaces are really the forms of His bhaktas and that is why He wears them near His heart.

Shri Krishna wears peacock feathers and a tiger-nail locket is put around His neck to protect Him from the evil eye. Lotus motifs are painted on Shri Krishna’s cheeks with a saffron paste.

Shri Krishna’s appearance is at midnight and all the Gopis come and make secret offerings to their Beloved. Shri Krishna’s entrance into the world of matter is strictly to shower grace over His bhaktas. He appeared not only to relieve the burdens of the world, but to shower grace.

Mangla:The darshan opens early in the morning at around 4.30 and shrreji is adorned with a kesari upparna. After Mangla aarti darshna is closed and shreeeji is adored with kesri dhoti Uparna for the punchamrat snan without a paghthen the darshna for panchmrat snan is opened. After tilak akshat is done. With the chating of mantras and Kirtans panchamrat snan is close after panchamrat snan Abhyang and ubtan is done and third Shingar is offered.

Shingar chakdar kesari vaga, shrimastak par kuleh, mor pankh ki jod, tin jode ke bhari shiner, hans, hamel, traval, katla, Baghnakha, kundal, laghu kirt are worn by shreeji meghshyam, thada vasta Red Pichvai and Jada chokhtha

Vishesh Kram :-New Sajawat is offered to shreeji toys offered by Mahaprabhuji are offered to shreeji during shingar Darshan according to shreeji’s kundli varshafal is read out to him by a Jyotishi Uthapan darshna are opened where lord is offered various toys to play.At the midnight about 12 mandir is closed and 8 shlocks from bhagvat about Krishna Janma are read out and bells are rung are exactly at that time the utsav is celebrated with sounds of Dhol nagara etc. and Utsav is celebrated by blowing 21 canons. In navneet Priyaji Panchamrat shan is done

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