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Shri Vallabhacharya composed the Nine Jewels for his disciple Govinda Dube in order to remove the anxieties that were obstructing his Blessed Worship. His advice is clear: when you have dedicated yourself to Shri Krishna, there is simply nothing to worry about. Anxiety always obstructs the flow of devotion and recitation of this text puts the bhaktas’ minds and hearts at ease.

chintakapu na karya niveditatmabhih kadapiti
bhaganapi pushtistho na karishyati laukikim cha gatim

Those who have dedicated their very Selves should never worry because the Blessed Lord, Who is established in grace, will never give them a mundane life.

nivedanam tu samartavyam sarvatha tadrushairjanaih
sarveshvarscha sarvatma nijecchatah karishyati

Remember your dedication in the company of other accomplished bhaktas. The Supreme Being, Shri Krishna, the Self of all, will do as He pleases and will fulfill His bhakta’s desires.

sarvesham prabhu sambandho na pratyekamiti sthitih
ato’nya viniyoge’pi cinta ka svasya so’pichet

Everything is connected to God and nothing can ever remain separate from Him. And so, if you engage in activities or connections that don’t seem to be related to Him, there is no reason to worry, because they actually are.

ajnanadathava jnanat krutamatmanivedanam
yaih hrushnasatkruta pranaistesham ka paridevana

When those who have dedicated themselves with or without proper understanding should have no concerns, then what to say of those who have established their very life-force with Krishna?

tatha nivedane chinta tyajya shripurushottame
vinioge’pi sa tyajya samatho hi harih svatah

Concerns regarding one’s dedication should be given over to Shri Krishna as well as anxieties regarding any other involvments in life. These worries should be renounced because Hari Himself is totally capable of taking care of His own bhaktas.

loke svastyam tatha vede haristu na karishyati

Shri Krishna, Who is established in grace, will not allow His bhaktas to feel at peace with themselves in the mundane world nor in the path of the Vedas. Therefore all grace-filled beings should remain mere witnesses to whatever happens.

sevakrutirgurorajna badhanam va haricchaya
atah sevaparam chittam vidhyasthiyatam sukham

Perform seva according to the guru’s instructions. If for some reason seva cannot be performed as per the guru’s directions, consider this to be the wish of Hari. One should, however, keep the mind absorbed in the seva and remain happy.

chittodvegam vidhyayapi hariryadyatkarishyati
tathaiv tasya lileti matva chintam drutam tyajet

If for some reason Hari creates a situation that makes you anxious, then understand that He does everything according to His own lila. Having understood this, you should relinquish any unrelated concerns immediatly.

tasmatsarvatmana nityam shrikrushnam sharanam mama
vadadbhirevam satatam stheyamityeva me matih

Therefore, with total love, feel Krishna everywhere and continually recite, “Shri Krishna is my refuge”. This is my firm conviction.

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