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Having explained the different types of speakers, here is a description of five types of listeners. One of the main devotional practices is listening and Shri Vallabhacharya explains to us its different effects upon the bhaktas. Comprehension that creates an enlightened response is the fruit of hearing.

Shrikrishnarasaviksipta maanasaa rativarjitaah
Anirvrtaa lokavede mukhyaste shravanotsukahh || 1 ||

The best of all inspired listeners are those whose minds and hearts are totally immersed into Shri Krishna’s loving nectar. They only embrace divine love and have no taste for any worldly or Vedic pleasures.

Viklinnamanaso ye tu bhagavatsmrti vihvalaah
Arthaikanistaaste caapi madhyamaah shrvanotsukaah || 2 ||

The intermediate group of devotionally inspired listeners are overwhelmed when they remember their Beloved Lord. Their hearts melt, but they listen with underlying desire for liberation or other spiritual fruit.

Nihsandigdham krishnatattvam sarvabhaavena ye viduh
Te tvaaveshaattu vikalaa nirodhaadvaa Na caanyathaa || 3 ||

Other listeners know Shri Krishna’s essence beyond a doubt and with all of their devotional feelings. They are overwhelmed with devotion only when they are possessed by Him or when they fall under His divine control, but at no other time.

Purnabhavena purnaarthaah kadaacinna tu sarvadaa
Anyaasaktaastu ye kecidadhamaah parikirtitah || 4 ||

Then there are those who sometimes become full of divine mood and at that time they attain their devotional purpose. However, this is not their constant state. They sometimes become distracted by attachments to worldly things. They are the lowest type of listeners.

Ananyamanso martyaa uttamaah shravanaadisu
Deshakaaladravyakartr mantrakarmaprakaaratah || 5 ||

Finally there are those mortals who are perfectly focused on the Blessed One. Their devotion is never disturbed by location, time, wealth, occurence, mantra or karma. I consider them to be the best listeners.

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