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Wisdom, perseverance and refuge are the three main devotional ingredients that create and maintain the firm mood of devotion. In this teaching, Shri Vallabhacharya gives us a practical guide that is filled with wise advice on how to live in the world, deal with obstructions and maintain a rich devotional life. In a discreet way, this work also addresses the higher devotional states that flourish between the Beloved and His loved ones.

Vivekadhairya satatam rakshaniye tathaashrayah
Vivekastu harih sarvam nijecchatah karishyatti || 1 ||

Always protect your discrimination and perseverance and carefully nourish divine refuge.True wisdom is seeing that Beloved Hari will accomplish everything according to His own will.

Prarthite vaa tatah Kim syaatsvaamyabhipraya samshayat
Sarvatra tasya sarvam hi sarvasaamarthyamev ca || 2 ||

What is the use of prayer? Why request something from Him? This happens because there is a doubt in the intention of His perfect plan. Hari is everywhere and He is everything. He is compelling and potent.

Abhimaanashca santyaajyah svamyadhinavabhaavanaat
Vishesatashcedajna syaadantahkaran gocarah || 3 ||

The bhava that arises from the realization of being under Hari’s control cleanses the lover of false pride. Then when there is a special command, the Beloved enters the heart.

Tadaa vishesagatyaai bhaavyam bhinnam tu daihikat
Aapadgatyaadikaaryesu hathastyaajyashca sarvathaa || 4 ||

In that extraordinary circumstance, the bhava that is intuited is never worldly; it is separate from the concerns of the physical body. Whatever the difficult circumstance, never be uncompromising.

Anaagrahashca sarvatra dharmaadharmaagra darshnam
Viveko yam samaakkhyato dhairyam tu vinirupyate || 5 ||

Without being obstinate, maintain a keen sense of awareness in all situations and recognize what is dharma and what is not. This is my explanation of wisdom and now I will speak of perseverance.

Tridukha sahanam dhairyamaamrteh sarvatah sadaa
Takravaddehavadbhaavyham jadavat gopabhaaryavat || 6||

Perseverance is to always endure the three types of pain (mundane, spiritual and divine) until death. To accomplish this, understand the body to be like buttermilk that remains unaffected even after it has been beaten and robbed of its butter. Also comprehend the spiritual pains of king Bharat who underwent three births before he became enlightened, as well as the divine pangs of separation from Krishna that the Gopis of Vrindavan experienced.

Pratikaaro yadrcchaatah siddashcennaagrahi bhavet
Bhaaryyaadinnam tathaanyeshaamasatshcaakramam sahet || 7||

When there is alleviation and when things work out because of His wish, do not resist the accomplishment. Endure false attacks from your spouse, family members and other people.

Svayamindriyakaaryani kaayavaanmanasaa tyajet
Ashurenaapi kartavyam svasyaasaamarthya bhaavanaat || 8||

Sense activities that are not connected to Hari should be renounced with mind, body and speech. Even if one is powerless, renunciation should be done understanding that the power to do so is not one's own, but His.

Aashakye harirevaasti sarvamaashrayato bhavet
Etatsahanamatroktamaashrayato nirupyate || 9 ||

In the powerless position remember that Hari is everything and that entirety is attained through refuge. Thus I have spoken of fortitude and now I will introduce the third teaching which is refuge in Hari.

Aihike parloke ca sarvathaa sharnam harih
Duhkhaanau tathaa paape bhaye kaamaadyapurane || 10 ||

Bhaktadrohe bhaktyabhaave bhaktaishcaatikrame krte

Shakye vaa sushakye vaa sarvathaa sharanamm harih || 11 ||

In this world, or in any other and in every situation, Hari is the refuge. In pain and loss, in sin or in fear, in the non- obtainment of the object of desire, in anger towards other bhaktas, in the absence of devotion, in the case of other bhaktas being aggressive with you, in the powerless state, as well as in the position of power and in every condition, remember that Hari is the refuge.

Ahamkarakrte caiva posyaposanarakshane
Posyaatikramane caiva tathantevsaasyatikkarme II12II

Alaukika manah siddhau sarvathaa sharanam harih
Evam citte sadaa bhaavyam vaacaa ca parikirtayet II13II

In the creation of false pride, in the protection and nourishment of those who need sustenance or in violations from those who are being nourished as well as in the transgressions of students or even in the perfection of the divine heart-mind, always take Hari’s refuge in every situation. Maintain this sensibility firmly in the mind and praise it with the voice.

Anyasya bhajanam tatra svatogamanameva ca
Prarthanaa kaaryamatre pi tatha nyatra vivarjayet || 14 ||

It is also forbidden to go and worship another or to pray to another for any of your work to be done.

Avishvaaso Na kartavyah sarvathaa baadhakastu sah
Brahmaastracaatakau bhaavyau praatam seveta nirmamah || 15 ||

Impede your every situation. Understand lack of faith from the story of Hanuman who broke free from the powerful Brahmastra weapon because his captors lost faith in it. Understand faith from the tale of the chataka bird who forsakes all waters except for raindrops from certain clouds. Perform seva, His pleasing worship with what is obtained and without false sense of ownership.

Yathaakathancit karyaani kuryaduccaavacaanyapi
Kim vaa proktena bahunaa sharanam bhaavayeddharim || 16 ||

Never lose faith. If you do, it will .In all undertakings, whether they be high or low, religious or worldly, maintain the bhava that Hari is my refuge. What more to say?

Evamaashrayanam proktam seervesham sarvadaa hitam
Kalau bhaktyaadimaargaa hi duhsaadhyaa iti me matih || 17 ||

Thus, I have spoken of a Hari refuge that is at all times beneficial to all. In my opinion, bhakti and other practices are difficult to perform in this age of struggle so therefore one should take to the path of refuge.

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