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Arrival Of Shrinathji At Nathdwara.

Once, while Shri Gusainji was in his way to Dwarka , he saw a very lovely spot in Mevar, Rajasthan, called Sinhad and mentioned to Harivanshaji, “In the future, Shrinathji will reside here. As long as I am here, Shrinathji will not leave the Govardhan Hill.”

Shri Gusainji then stayed there for two days. The King of the region, Shri Udaya Singh, came for his darshan and presented him with one hundred gold coins. Shri Gusainji blessed him with one of his shawls. After the king accepted it, he bowed to Shri Gusainji and returned to his palace. Later his queen came. She was the daughter of the princess Mirabai. Ajabkunvari, took initiation from Shri Gusainji decided ti head on to Dwarka, Ajaba fainted at the thought of separation from him. Then Shri Gusainji told her, “I cannot live here, but Shrinathji will daily come here and allow you His Darshan.”

Afterwards, Shrinathji daily came from the Govardhan Hill to Mever to appear before Ajaba. After playing the board game Choper with her, Shrinathji would return to the Govardhan Hill. One day Ajaba requested, “ In your Comings and Goings to Mevar from the Govardhan hill, You are very troubled. Live here on Mevar, then I can always see You.”

Shrinathji replied, “As long as Shri Gusainji remains on the earth, I Will not leave the Govarthan Hill. Afterwards, I will Definitely come to mevar and will stay here for many years. Then, when Shri Gusainji again appears in his lineage, I will return to Braja and will play at the Goverdhan Hill for many Years.” Saying that, Shrinathji returned to the Goverthan Hill.

Many years later, Shrinathji remembered that He was supposed to move to Mevar to Mevar and thought, “I Must go to Mevar. But Shri Mahaprabhuji has established My temple on the Goverthan Hill, so the lineage holders will only agree to the move Mevar.”

And hence he forced Aurangzeb to attack the temple and he then with Navneetpriyaji & all balaks left for Mevar which is now called Nathdwara.

Background and importance of Nathdwara.

Situated in ideallic surroundings with the River Banas girdling it towards the West and the North and hills and dales surrounding it on all sides, Sinhad of yore at the time of the advent of Lord Shrinathji- a tiny hamlet inhabited by a few Brahmans and tribes subservient, living in thatched huts, can now Icgimatcly claim to be a developing town ship with a population ncaring fifty thousand equipped with all modern amenities, pulsating with lift and ceaseless human activity, as a nerve centre of this region. Nathdwara, the present version of the three hundred years old Sinhad. is the seat of the premier Pushtimargiya Shrine of Lord Shrinathji, the cynosure of all Pushtimargiya Vaishanavas and claims its name through him having been variously known in history as Shrinathji Dwar. Shriji Dwar, Shri Nathdwara , and Nathdwara (gateway of Shrinathji) it is a place visited by every Pushtimargiya Vaishanava to lie prostrate and donate and offer in all humality, all that he can spare, out of reverence & veneration towards the Lord.
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