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This teaching was given by Shri Vallabhacharya to Purushottam Joshi in about 1496 A.D. This text is an essential bhakti empowerment and gives devotional solutions for various situations that arise in a practitioner’s life. The way to attain love for Shri Krishna, divine attachment to Him and ultimately addiction to Him is explained in this writing.

Yathaa bhaktih pravrddhaa syattathopaayo nirupyate
Bija bhaave drdhe tu syaat tyaagaat shravana kirtanaat ||1||

I will now explain the way to increase bhakti. When the seed of bhakti becomes firm, enhance it by renouncing what is unrelated and by listening to devotional subjects and singing His praises. (1)

Biadaardhyaprakaarastu grhe sthitvaa svadharmatah
Avyaavrtto bhajetkrishnanam pujayaa shravanadibhih ||2||

The way to strengthen the seed of blessed devotion is to reside at home and to follow your own dharma. If you are free from all other occupations, worship Shri Krishna lovingly. Serve him with song, perform devotional listening and undertake other exalted activites.

Vyaavrttopi harau cittam shravanaadau nyasetsadaa
Tatah prema tathaasaktirvyasanam ca yadaa bhavet ||3||

If you have worldly obligations, then fix the mind on Hari by always listening to His praises or by engaging in other devotional activities. Then the blessed states of love, attachment and finally addiction to the Blessed One will follow.

Bijam taducyate shastre drdham yannapi nashyati
Snehaadraagavinnshah syaadaassaktaa syaadgrhaarucih ||4||

Grhasthaanaam baadhaktavamanaatmatvam ca bhaaste
Yadaa syaadvyasanam krishne krtaarthah syaattadavia ||5||

In the blessed state of addiction, the devotional seed becomes perfectly established. The sacred writings tell us that then it can never be destroyed.

Divine love removes worldly hankering. When you become attached to the Beloved, there is no taste for the worldly home and the bhakta sees it as unconnected to one’s true self. When one becomes totally addicted to Shri Krishna and can no longer live without Him, that blessed one has attained devotional excellence.

Taadrsaayapi satatam grhasthaanam vinaasakam
Yaagam krtva yatedyastu tadarthaarthaikamaanasah ||6||

The devotionally accomplished soul will always experience the worldly home as destructive to devotion. Renunciation is only so that one can focus the mind and heart. The attainment of firm devotion is superior to and beyond anything else.

Labhate sudrdhaam bhaktim sarvato pyadhikaam paraam
Tyaage baadhakabhuyastvam duhsansargaattathaannatah ||7||

In there is premature renunciation, one runs into many obstructions such as bad association and unoffered, impure food.

Atah stheyam haristhaane tadiyam saha tatparaih
Adure viprakarse vaa yathaa cittam Na dusyati ||8||

And so, one should live in a place that is sacred to Shri Hari and be focused on having association with other bhaktas who have become Hari’s dear ones. One should maintain a balance between living near other bhaktas and keeping a reasonable distance so that the mind will never experience any negativity.

Sevaayaam vaa kathaaaam vaa yasyaasaktirdrdha bhavet
Yaavajjivam tasya naasho Na kvapiti matirmama ||9||

If one is attached to Shri Krishna’s seva or to hearing and reciting His names, stories and teachings, I believe that as long as that bhakta lives, her devotion will never be destroyed.

Baadhasambhaavanaayaam tu naikante vasa isyate
Haristu sarvato raksam karishyati Na samshayah ||10||

One should not live in isolation because of the possibility of obstructions. Without a doubt Hari will protect the bhakta in every way.

Ityevam bhagavacchastram gudhatatvam nirupitam
Ya estatsamadhiyita tasyaapi syaaddrdhaa ratih ||11||

And so I have revealed the secret essence of the Blessed Lord’s teachings. Those who grasp them will have firm devotion.

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