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Pausha Krishna 11; V.S. 1769 – V.S.1830


Sri Govindaji was the second son of Sri Vitthalesharayaji. He became Tilkayata only after his elder brother Sri Govardhaneshaji passed away.

Sri Govindaji was very kind hearted .He always used to be in ‘Bala Krida’ with Sri Nathaji.

Once, a very strange incident occurred with Sri Govindaji. When he was small, he got locked inside the temple during anosara after Rajabhoga, as he fell asleep in the cool and cozy environment of the Shaiya Mandira.

Upstairs, Sri Govardhaneshaji was worried of where he might be as he was not present for lunch. He sent his men to search for him, but all in vain. Sri Govindaji was found nowhere.

While Sri Govardhaneshaji was resting, Sri Nathaji appeared before him and told him not to worry as Sri Govindaji was in his Shaiya Mandira. He at once woke up. At the time of Utthapana, he rushed to the Shaiya Mandira, woke up Sri Govindaji and narrated the whole incident.

Sri Govindaji’s heart was filled with joy. He paid prostrate obeisance to Sri Nathaji and came out of the temple.

He had three sons viz, Sri Damodaraji (V.S.1823), Sri Giridharaji (V.S.1825) and Sri Gokulanathaji (V.S.1828).


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