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In this teaching, Shri Vallabhacharya surveys the contrary conditions that prevailed in India some five hundred years ago and advises his followers to seek Krishna refuge in every condition. It was written for his follower Bula Mishra in about 1514 A.D. Bhaktas daily recite this text while in seva to help establish their total shelter in Krishna.

Sarvamageshu nashtesu kalau ca khaladharmini
Pasandapracure loke Krishna eva gatirmama || 1 ||

All proper paths have been destroyed in this age of struggle. The practitioners of dharma have become wicked and hypocracy is rampant. Krishna alone is my refuge.

Mlecchaakraantes deshesu papaikanilayesu ca
Saptidaavygra lokesu Krishna eva gatirmama || 2 ||

India has been invaded by barbarians and has become an abode full of impurity where people are disturbed because of the suffering of the pure-hearted ones. Krishna alone is my refuge.

Gangaaditirthavaryesu dustairevavrtesvih
Tirohitaadhidaivesu Krishna eva gatirmama || 3 ||

The Ganga and other holy places have been surrounded by wicked people. The Gods no longer reveal themselves. The presiding devas have hidden themselves. Krishna alone is my refuge.

Ahamkara vimudeshu satsu paapaanuvartisu
Laabhapujaarthayatnesu Krishna eva gatirmama || 4 ||

Even pious people are bewildered by their own egos and follow sinful activity. Their efforts in worship are for personal gain. Krishna alone is my refuge.

Aparijnananastesu mantresvavratayogisu
Tirohitaarthadeveshu Krishna eva gatir mama || 5 ||

True knowledge has been lost along with the proper use of mantras, fasts and yoga. Inner meanings and the devas have all become concealed. Krishna alone is my refuge.

Nanaavaadavinastesu sarvakrmavrataadisu
Paasandaika pratyanesu Krishna eva gatirmama || 6 ||

Many different false teachings have destroyed all the pious karmas and religious observances. People’s spiritual undertakings are filled with hypocracy. Krishna alone is my refuge.

Ajaammilaadi dosaanaam naashako nubhave sthitah
Jnaapitkhil maahatmyah Krishna eva gatirmama || 7 ||

Bhaktas know him as the One who removed the impurities of sinners like Ajamila and others and He has thus revealed His total eminence. Krishna alone is my refuge.

Praakrtaah sakalaadevaah ganitaanandakah brhat
Purnanando haristasmat Krishna eva gatimama || 8 ||

All the gods are material. Even formless Brahman’s bliss is qualified. Hari alone is replete with perfect joy.Krishna alone is my refuge.

Vivekadhairya bhaktyaadirahitasya vishesatah
Paapaasaktasya dinasya Krishna eva gatirmama || 9 ||

I am totally void of wisdom, patience, devotion and other virtues. I am attached to sin but I am humble. Krishna alone is my refuge.

Sarvasaamarthyasahitah sarvatraivaakhilaarthakrt
Sharnasthasamuddhhram Krinam vijnaapayaamyaham || 10 ||

I pray to you Krishna, Who is full of all powers and accomplishes the bhakta’s desires in every circumstance. You uplift those who take your shelter.

Krishnashrayamidam stotram yah pathet Krishnasannidhau
Tasyaasrayobhavetkrishna iti shri vallabho bhravit || 11 ||

Whoever recites this prayer in Krishna’s proximity attains His shelter. Thus says Shri Vallabhacharya.

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